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Empowering Girls through ICT in Education (EGE)

Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) organized a Sharing Meeting with Teachers Association on ‘Empowering Girls through ICT in Education (EGE)’ on 23 December 2019 at CAMPE Training Hall Room (5/14 Humayun Road, Mohammadpur), Dhaka. Mr. Tapon Kumar Das, Deputy Director of CAMPE was in chair.

A total of 25 representatives from Teachers Association, NGOs and some others agencies attended in the session and expressed their opinion to ensure qualitative implementation of the project.

Ms. Aziza Md. Aziz, Manager, ICT and Communication of Save the Children presented a salient features of EGE project in the meeting. During presentation she mentioned that the project aiming to contribute to SDG-4 through ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. The project is also designed to support Fourth Primary Education Development Plan (PEDP4) of the government of Bangladesh to address the challenges for transition of girl students from primary to secondary schools. The major objective of this project is to enhance competencies of girls students in Bangla, English and Mathematics through interactive and child friendly e-contents accessed via tabs. The project emphasizes on building awareness of parents, communities, local government representatives and policy makers about the importance of girls education as well as negative impacts of early marriage. The target of the project is to reach 8,738 grade IV and V girl students of 120 government primary Schools in Kurigram and Jamalpur districts with support from Save the Children.

The presentation followed by an open discussion session. And during the discussion participants thanked to the CAMPE for organizing such event as well as they made a set of recommendations for empowering girls students through ICT.

Some of the major recommendations are as follows:
• Students, teachers and guardians should be involved in the process of girls’ empowerment .Community awareness is also an important issue. And community should be involved in the process.
• Boys’ student should also include in the empowerment process, otherwise they would be dropped out, which will increase disparities.
• Existing EGE program should be extended across the country, especially in isolated and remote areas.
• The output of the project should be disseminated among different stakeholder group.

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