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Improving Quality of Primary Education needs concerted effort

"If education is the backbone of a nation, then primary education is the backbone of education" and for this we need concerted effort stated, Md. Zakir Hossain M.P. Hon’ble State Minister, MoPME of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh while speaking as chief guest at a Consultation on Improving Quality of Primary Education-Civil Society Perspective held on Wednesday 20th February at the BIDS Conference Room, Agargaon Dhaka, organized by CAMPE. The program was supported by Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF).

It was followed by an open discussion where the distinguished participants came up with the following recommendations for consideration:

• In order to bring about the major reforms in school education in a holistic and integrated way, all school education should be brought under one Ministerial jurisdiction;
• Government should consider to immediate implementation of National Education Policy 2010 and expansion of primary education up-to grade 8 using the same facilities;
• Education should be integrated in the graduation course;
• Discrimination between rural and urban and cost of education should be addressed;
• Expansion of school meal with the aim of extending the school day and priority to disadvantage areas and populations;
• More extensive and effective use of ICT for students, teacher professionals support, and monitoring and management information;
• It is high time to revisit the competency based assessment system and also rethink about the modality of PECE and JSC in the light of National Education Policy 2010;
• Upazila and district based planning, management and budget for expansion of quality primary and secondary education; and necessary decentralization for this purpose;
• Gradual increased investment in education to at least 4% of GDP and commensurate 20% of national budget;
• Take immediate action for approval of the ‘Education Act’;
• Minimize teachers' engagement in different nonacademic activities;
• Ensure participation of teachers, guardians, SMC and community in enrolment, retention and completion of primary and secondary education cycles;
• Establish a permanent education commission and a separate pay commission for teachers in line with the NEP 2010;
• Adult education, literacy and lifelong learning for life and work through a nationwide network of community learning center may be planned and implemented in close cooperation with local government, NGOs and community organizations.

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